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What Came Out Of My Subconscious

I found a nice method to paint, that (rather than adding dark lines of values to white background) works by making the background medium dark or black, and adding light to “illuminate” the scene.

Sometimes it was kinda scary seeing, what comes from the darkness.

Think About It

Think About It

Larger version here.

This is a part of my “Surreal Superheroes” series, where I tap in to my subconscious mind, and let it make the picture preconscious.

A video, of the process:

Something Relatively Old,,,

Now it’s time to post something important to me. I drew this during a class. I was 17 at the time. That was 13 years ago. Time really flyes!
I tapped in to my creative side in puberty.


Larger image of the piece available here.

I always had a thing for abstraction, and a lot of things going in my mind!

Kind of reminds me of Umberto Boccioni’s work. What do you think?

At the age of 17, I would have been SO insulted, if someone would have suggested to me, that my art is similar to something already done in the past! Now I think of it as a sort of a confirmation.

It’s not flawlessly drawn, but the dynamics worked well. In a way the fact, that it’s made on a  A4 photocopier paper, kinda makes  the content even more important…
The same year I sculpted a mini bust of the same style, unfortunately it was destroyed when falling off of a mantelpiece.

As an adult my work is not so formalistic (in other words, subject being just a vase, but presented in it’s abstract form), but consider both the idea and the presentation to be as important.

Now I have to continue on my sculpture, maby i’ll get stuff done before going to bed. I’ll post images of  my sculptures as well, later!

Independent Woman

I’m posting another woman today.

She is a strong, independent woman. Her man died years ago, but she kept going.

She’s not a girl anymore, but still she is beautiful. Her strong will shines through. There is indian blood in her.

Life has not been easy on her, but she is proud that  she has pulled through on her own.

Again, no model or reference of any kind was used.


Large image of the piece above, is available here.

I usually don’t paint sexy girls and guns (enough of that around allready), but this time, it seemed appropriate.

Sketch of the Day

This one is rather a painting sketch. No reference of any sort was used, as usual.

I made this,,,

Female Satyr

I’m pretty glad of this woman, because she a lot of originality.

The first contours appeared very intuitively. As my digital painting is mostly done with Opencanvas, I can post a video, of my workflow, if requested.

I think I’ll make a whole digital painting of this, as I like her so much.

Air Guitar Hero

A Sketch for a large scale painting. Very wide format. The mood and the rythm dictates the subject, rather than subject would be dictating the mood.

AGH Sketch

AGH Sketch

Larger version is available here.

Tons Of Toons,,,

I like to design characters, that is to illustrate them. I have a habit of drawing scetches with blue pencil, a nice habit I caught studying animation.

This sketch is a hillbillie mouse called Cletus.  He’s running away from his shag, where he was distilling some moonshine.

I’ll add a background, make a color scheme, and then paint it to a large format with oils or airbrush.

Cletus Cartoon Sketch

The Shapes Are Flowing,,,

Strange Vision From Unknown

This is a couple of hours of work, to scetch out the elements and color scheme to a painting.


More Abstract Albert

Now this is the first of a kind for me. It was made digitally, with a Wacom Intuos Drawpad. It’s really important to me, and it works really well on a huge print, and when projected. None of the shapes are there by accident. Every shape has a connection, and a reason. A media installation as a never-ending dive in to the details of the image is also obtainable.


Here’s a detail of his head.

Nimrod's face

He is hidden, but still, you can see him. He can only be seen from his actions.

Chaos in 2012?

Now this could be a true disaster to all developed countries. Think how dependent we are on electricity?

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I will blog in English.

To freshen the post up a bit, I included a glimpse of my art.


This one was about 6,5cmx6,5cm pencil drawing scanned, and manipulated digitally. I’ll post the original pencil drawing later!

I have made the decision to have this blog in English, even though my native language is Finnish. The reason is evident;  This is the internet.

Most people stumble  in to interesting subjects by accident, and / or with search words in English.

As I will share thoughts, that (hopefully) many people can relate to, they will reach more people, if written in English.

Therefore I made the (informatically democratic) decision, to have my blog in English.