Something Relatively Old,,,

Now it’s time to post something important to me. I drew this during a class. I was 17 at the time. That was 13 years ago. Time really flyes! I tapped in to my creative side in puberty. Larger image of the piece available here. I always had a thing for abstraction, and a lotContinue reading “Something Relatively Old,,,”

Independent Woman

I’m posting another woman today. She is a strong, independent woman. Her man died years ago, but she kept going. She’s not a girl anymore, but still she is beautiful. Her strong will shines through. There is indian blood in her. Life has not been easy on her, but she is proud that  she hasContinue reading “Independent Woman”

Sketch of the Day

This one is rather a painting sketch. No reference of any sort was used, as usual. I’m pretty glad of this woman, because she a lot of originality. The first contours appeared very intuitively. As my digital painting is mostly done with Opencanvas, I can post a video, of my workflow, if requested. I thinkContinue reading “Sketch of the Day”

Tons Of Toons,,,

I like to design characters, that is to illustrate them. I have a habit of drawing scetches with blue pencil, a nice habit I caught studying animation. This sketch is a hillbillie mouse called Cletus.  He’s running away from his shag, where he was distilling some moonshine. I’ll add a background, make a color scheme,Continue reading “Tons Of Toons,,,”

I will blog in English.

To freshen the post up a bit, I included a glimpse of my art. . This one was about 6,5cmx6,5cm pencil drawing scanned, and manipulated digitally. I’ll post the original pencil drawing later! I have made the decision to have this blog in English, even though my native language is Finnish. The reason is evident;Continue reading “I will blog in English.”