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More Abstract Albert

Now this is the first of a kind for me. It was made digitally, with a Wacom Intuos Drawpad. It’s really important to me, and it works really well on a huge print, and when projected. None of the shapes are there by accident. Every shape has a connection, and a reason. A media installation as a never-ending dive in to the details of the image is also obtainable.


Here’s a detail of his head.

Nimrod's face

He is hidden, but still, you can see him. He can only be seen from his actions.


Chaos in 2012?

Now this could be a true disaster to all developed countries. Think how dependent we are on electricity?

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I will blog in English.

To freshen the post up a bit, I included a glimpse of my art.


This one was about 6,5cmx6,5cm pencil drawing scanned, and manipulated digitally. I’ll post the original pencil drawing later!

I have made the decision to have this blog in English, even though my native language is Finnish. The reason is evident;  This is the internet.

Most people stumble  in to interesting subjects by accident, and / or with search words in English.

As I will share thoughts, that (hopefully) many people can relate to, they will reach more people, if written in English.

Therefore I made the (informatically democratic) decision, to have my blog in English.

Hello world!

Seriously now.

It’s me.