Monthly Archives: May 2009

A Sculpture

I promised to post some 3D work I do. It is carved from a block of Russian Marble. It’s my first stonework.

This is going to be a long post, so bare with me,,,

As usual, I didn’t have an idea or reference in the beginning. I just let the shape of the stone guide me. I’ll post the process with the steps, I have photographed.

The first thing I found, was the lips, and after that, I found the dynamics for the head.


I work with Tungsten-Carbide chisel, and a hammer, and a multitool (with Aluminium Oxide and Diamond burrs).

Then I found, that there’s a body for the head in the block aswell ! So little by little,,,


I worked my way closer to the surface, just to find the right feel for every shape. Therefore, If I worked on another part, I usually had to work  a bit everywhere, to get the interaction of the shapes feel right.


Another view:


An another:


Yet another viewpoint:


I do enjoy sculpting, and it seem’s to work out well (I did cheat a little, by reading about the teqniques to sculpt stone from the internet!).

Tell me what it makes you feel, and if you have seen similar work done by others. I love to learn from the past, as it shows direction to the future.