Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Black Superman


A Flyer me and my wife did. They wanted a caricature of the actor, with a handmade feel with the style of a circus. I somehow like the general feel of it. What do you think?

Cartoony skin tone painting.


Something I painted around 2003. WhenI wanted to do skin tones.

Pencil Sketch


Something classical art this time. Pencil on paper. Scanned and level adjustment in Gimp.

I wanted to test how well I remember the external human anatomy, and ended up with my version of Zeus. He pulls the lightning from his hair. No reference or model of any kind was used.

As a self taught artist, I had to build a solid understanding of the laws of nature, to be able to create art in it’s various ways.

I have the deepest respect to Michelangelo‘s understanding of  muscular anatomy, mass and shape. He was very observant and talented man.