This is a polymer clay sculpture that was born without a reference or a plan. I like to create straight on, usually without sketches. I like to experiment with different materials and styles. This cartoony style reminds me of the times studying animation in Turku Polytechnics Arts and Media Department. It describes a person whoContinue reading “LoudSpeaker”

A NewClear World

This is a sculpture born entirely without a scetch or a plan. I was totally in awe, as the lumps in the side of the head turned out as WWII pilot glasses! It took a while before the “red” button appeared, and eventually the whole thing made sense to me. Due to the small scale,Continue reading “A NewClear World”

Painting with oils:

Generally there are two techniques to paint with oils. 1)Alla prima 2)Painting by layers. In alla prima, one paints a finished artwork straight away with confident brush strokes. The strokes must be done precisely, with just the right colour. The finished piece may look completely abstract on closer observation, but (if desired) photographic, when viewedContinue reading “Painting with oils:”