Monthly Archives: February 2010

A surreal sculpting doodle.

Sorry about the image quality.

This is an AD (Art Director) from hell. The money is there for size comparison, but in a way it serves the idea 😉

Yeah, I know. It’s not smooth and perfected, and our camera is outdated.

My wife doesn’t think it’s realistic. I think it’s the content, not the form. I mean, someone could have that kind of features and proportions, right?

Somehow this guy ended up looking  like a mix of John Lennon and Octave Parango (from 99 francs).

Anyway, I had to post something. I’m busy with a big project, and I can’t publish anything about it, yet!

A Photograph: A Brave New World

This image represents inner growth, and potential. The cycle of life.

From the darkness emerges light. From light, the tree bears a fruit that contains a seed. The seed grows roots to the ground. From heavens to earth and vice versa. Causality goes both directions.

The orange peel represents the ground, and the core represents the sky. An alternative world view.