Set in Concrete | Urban Screening | PARIS | FocusPocus-videoparadox

Chic Art Fair Paris and PvonK Berlin have been working in collaboration to organize a URBAN SCREENING on an outside concrete wall, longing the River Seine in Paris. The Screening “SET IN CONCRETE” will take place every evening during the Chic Art Fair: OCTOBER, 20th-24th 2011. Among the works shown, will be FocusPocus-videoparadox. ‘Set inContinue reading “Set in Concrete | Urban Screening | PARIS | FocusPocus-videoparadox”

FocusPocus-videoparadox goes Cuba

Our installation is selected in the 4th International Festival of Video Art, Camagüey 2011, Cuba. It seems to have an effect in many cultures. Maybe because (whilst doing it) I ended up dealing with the general questions of humanity that are common to us all, regarldess of culture and political country. That who seeks, shallContinue reading “FocusPocus-videoparadox goes Cuba”