Note: Wacom tablet + Dualscreen desktop setup

I encountered a problem using two screens with my trusty old Wacom Intuos 2 A5 tablet, as there was no option of 1:1 proportion mapping in pen mode spanning over both screens, without losing a significant amount of the tablets active area.

Solution: Buying a new version, with a “switch mapping -feature” (no thanks Wacom)..


Autohotkey script (works with all Wacom tablets, including the Bamboo and Graphire -series)

I found this solution from the Wacom forum, but alas, it did not work “off the bat”.

A more updated version of the same procedure was here, in the autohotkey support community.

It didn’t work either, as I have a 64-bit windows. After a bit of research, I modified the script, that now works 100%


1: Download and install Autohotkey

2: Make a new text file (on the desktop or where ever), and paste this code in to it:

#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

;Wacom Display Toggle – Invoked by tilde ~ key


IfWinNotExist Wacom Tablet Properties
;If control panel is not open, open it and set to pen mapping mode, then minimize
run,%A_WinDir%\System32\control.exe WacomTablet.cpl
WinWait,Wacom Tablet Properties
ControlClick,x140 y220,Wacom Tablet Properties ;mapping tab location
WinMinimize,Wacom Tablet Properties
;Still check if window exists
ifWinExist Wacom Tablet Properties
;Check if Control Panel is in Mapping mode
ControlGet,mapmode,FindString,Full,ComboBox2,Wacom Tablet Properties
;set cpl to pen mapping mode before switching
WinActivate,Wacom Tablet Properties
WinWait,Wacom Tablet Properties
ControlClick,Button3,Wacom Tablet Properties
ControlClick,x140 y220,Wacom Tablet Properties ;mapping tab location
WinMinimize,Wacom Tablet Properties
ControlGet, mon, choice,,ComboBox2,Wacom Tablet Properties
if (InStr(mon,1))
Control, Choose,4,ComboBox2,Wacom Tablet Properties
Control, Choose,3,ComboBox2,Wacom Tablet Properties
;Check if mouse buttons are being held. If so, keep held and switch to other monitor.
GetKeyState, state, LButton, P
if state = U
GetKeyState, state, RButton, P
if state = U
GetKeyState, state, MButton, P
if state = U
WinActivate,Program Manager

3: Save as WacomToggle.ahk, and move it in to a safe place (My Documents etc…)

4: Make a shortcut of your .ahk script to your \Start Menu\Programs\Startup -folder, to run at startup.


note: you can change the tilde ~ key in the .ahk script to whatever shortcut (win+space etc…) suits you better.

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2 responses to “Note: Wacom tablet + Dualscreen desktop setup

  • Qworks

    Hi thanks for the great info! I’m curious how I could edit the script so it works on a triple screen setup? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

    • Albert

      Good to hear it’s useful.

      About that triple screen edit:

      This script uses “Wacom tablet properties” -control panel extension to swap mapping.

      In the control panel applet there are clickable icons in specific (X,Y) pixel coordinates. These coordinates are referred to with the script like this: “ControlClick,x140 y220”.

      With three displays, I’d imagine changing those (X,Y) values (in the AHK script) respectively would do the trick.

      You can use Greatis Windowse or similar software to see what the exact (X,Y) values for the 1,2,3 mapping button in Wacom CPL window are.

      Hope this will point you to the right direction!

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