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Media Art UP!

I’ve been organizing an event with Markus Renvall. It’s Media Art UP!

A new type of an exhibition and an event for new media art.



Here is the press release (PDF).

I coded the web page & made the graphics.

http://media-art-up.com/ (only in finnish, sorry!)

The venue of the event is the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland.


I made a few new pieces to exhibit there. The “Mood” was a very tough one  to conceive especially!

The disputing heads are screens, playing ID Software’s Doom game!

A brightly lit photo below. The exhibition lighting setup is more a favourable one.


A Gift

It’s been too long, since the last time I posted. I’m sorry for that. I’ve been out of town for a while. My friend Anne Savitie had her birthday, and I wanted to give a gift to her.

Acrylic on board. Approx. 20×30 cm. Alla prima, with clear impasto.



Full resolution image here.

I sometimes like to do more freeform and abstract art, even though every shape and colour had a meaning to me, as I painted them.

I’ll post more experiments, as my schedule permits.