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Media Art UP!

I’ve been organizing an event with Markus Renvall. It’s Media Art UP!

A new type of an exhibition and an event for new media art.



Here is the press release (PDF).

I coded the web page & made the graphics.

http://media-art-up.com/ (only in finnish, sorry!)

The venue of the event is the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland.


I made a few new pieces to exhibit there. The “Mood” was a very tough one  to conceive especially!

The disputing heads are screens, playing ID Software’s Doom game!

A brightly lit photo below. The exhibition lighting setup is more a favourable one.


More of My Work -WIP-

Last month I’ve been occupied with other things. Now I’ll keep you updated on my work more often.

This one has been a longer project, and will be painted, when finished. The abstraction will be colourful and dynamic. This is an older photo, and many parts are now better defined, and anatomical.


It’s a sculpture made with polymer clay maquette technique. Here’s a short explanation of the different phases involved:

1) I carved the base out of wood, and made an armature with 2mm metal wire (the propotions need to be spot on!).

2) The armature is attached to the base with a screw, and then the major volume is filled out with tinfoil,, really tight!

3) The tinfoil is secured by spinning around it with thin metal wire, and then the armature is roughened up with sandpaper.

4) Polymer clay is added, to create the surface. (I use a mixture of Super Sculpey and Premo).

This is the stage where all the magic happens (if it does!). The shapes start to flow, and as I sculpt I think a plethora of things. The weird thing is, that when I return to a part of the sculpture on another day, I return to the same thought I had, when I previously sculpted the same part / area. As the part gets an aesthetically pleasant solution, I somehow find a solution to the thought it represents.

5)  After detailing, the polymerclay surface is smoothened up with a brush dipped in turpentine or isopropyl alcohol. In the end further detailing is made, if needed.

6) On to the oven it goes!

7) Priming (I use acrylic), painting (acrylics again!) and sealing (polyurethane matte & glossy sealer).

8) Looking at it, and finding interesting stuff in the work!

Polymer clay is allmost as easy to work with as natural clay, but it has a health (and cleansiness) benefit, as it does not dust (watch those respiratory organs, if you want to make a long career!).

The end result in (especially with Premo) polymer clay is more durable than fired clay, as it does not crack as easy.

I’ll post more images when (hopefully sooner than later) the sculpture is finished.

Please, leave comments and questions!