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Psychological portrait

It’s time to post some art done in “old school” medium; The Graphite pencil.

Between 1997 – 1999 in my teens, I spent a considerable amount of time doing small psychological portraits.
I had a perfectionist obsession with an 0.3 mm mechanical pencil with HB softness leads.

That was before I learned the digital medium. Even before I learned to illustrate with an airbrush.

I did some pretty amazing stuff with my trusty old 0.3 mm back then 😉 It was the tool of my choice!

Usually i took a sheet of A4 photocopy paper, with a fine grain (to give the HB leads a little something to bite in to).

With such a fine tip, I developed a technique to lighten the strokes to a minimum. I lifted the paper off the table to apply the lightest pencil strokes possible. I did not use an eraser or smudge the paper with anything. I wanted it to be clean. To me, Cleanliness was next to Godliness!

As I was zoning out and shading an area, pass by pass darkening it, impurities such as a dust speckle, or the grain of the paper caused slightly darker details. I took these “errors” as sort of hints, and started to plot what they represented to me. I started to see shapes of immense detail… I managed to tap in to my creative subconsciousness. I started to refine those details and instinctively rotated the pen between my fingers to find the sharpest edge of the 0.3 mm tip. That way I could reach dents in the paper grain, and make areas darker, where need to be.

As I continued finishing the piece, the complex shapes started to connect, creating dynamics and content.
It seemed that the grain of the paper continued the shapes to an immense level of detail. Some people (with sharp eyesight) have experienced that mesmerizing effect.

I did this piece yesterday, with the very same exact 0.3 mm mechanical pencil 🙂 I’m happy I still have the precision, patience and light touch to create with this challenging style! Spending some 15 hours with an area of 115 mm x 125 mm may sound crazy to some, but hey, Art is! I’ts quite beautiful original IRL (In Real Life).

One might say that the face is realistic, and the “hair” is abstract, even tough I see it the other way around. I see the face as simplified to very few contours of flowing shape, and the shading in the face is a subtle hint to it’s form. To me, the hair is the “tangible” part 😀 It took most of my time creating it.

This kind of a piece has some timeless feeling to it. A hybrid of some Art Nouveau, Classical, Cartoon and Graffiti style… Somehow, I see it alive and breathing. The present, without abandoning the past…

Maybe someone would like to plot the hidden message in the graffiti style lettering from the abstraction?

New artwork


Seek, and thou shall find...

Clicking the image brings a bit larger view of the piece.

Doing this, I ended up thinking about stereotypes, responsibility and social pressure, but it has elements and room for interpretation.
It took some 10 intense painting sessions to get it where it is.

It’s available in (insanely high resolution) physical format as well.

If you like it, feel free to share the link etc. I like to hear what people think, feel & see in this stuff.

I have projects where I’m using this piece, so stay tuned!

A piece of stone

This was the first time I sculpted stone. I love when the shapes start to show me content. Then I just continue refining it.


The piece of stone (Russian marble)  is the same, its just missing material in certain places. In a way, I did not give the shape to it. I merely removed shapes from it. Consequently, the art is in the shape removed, leaving the stone in place. Say, a brick has little value, until labor refines it and brings in to context (a building or a sculpture).

Bringing the content out of the vague formal dynamics of the shape is a very calming process. It finds the meaning of something formerly undefined, and (in a way) gives elements to allow free interpretation. I think that art is something everyone has the right to understand from their own point of view. I love, when a piece of art speaks for itself, without the necessity of someone else’s interpretation.

What kind of emotions and  thoughts does it awaken in you?

Fashion sketch?

I got inspired by fashion imaginery (I watched 99 Francs), and wanted to make my version of a fashion model that has a certain “art nouveau” -feeling to it.

I guess she is a bit more “rounded out” in parts, than most supermodels, and there’s more etheric type of beauty in her. Exaggerated, long neck and legs, the usual stuff.

But her hair has magic in it, if you know what I mean 😉 She also has a surreal touch.

I went with an easy cut dress, and complementary color scheme . If you have a better dress for her to wear, let me know.

Shapes are flowing,,,

Again no reference or model of any kind was used.

What is her name? Comments and questions are welcome.

A Sculpture

I promised to post some 3D work I do. It is carved from a block of Russian Marble. It’s my first stonework.

This is going to be a long post, so bare with me,,,

As usual, I didn’t have an idea or reference in the beginning. I just let the shape of the stone guide me. I’ll post the process with the steps, I have photographed.

The first thing I found, was the lips, and after that, I found the dynamics for the head.


I work with Tungsten-Carbide chisel, and a hammer, and a multitool (with Aluminium Oxide and Diamond burrs).

Then I found, that there’s a body for the head in the block aswell ! So little by little,,,


I worked my way closer to the surface, just to find the right feel for every shape. Therefore, If I worked on another part, I usually had to work  a bit everywhere, to get the interaction of the shapes feel right.


Another view:


An another:


Yet another viewpoint:


I do enjoy sculpting, and it seem’s to work out well (I did cheat a little, by reading about the teqniques to sculpt stone from the internet!).

Tell me what it makes you feel, and if you have seen similar work done by others. I love to learn from the past, as it shows direction to the future.

Independent Woman

I’m posting another woman today.

She is a strong, independent woman. Her man died years ago, but she kept going.

She’s not a girl anymore, but still she is beautiful. Her strong will shines through. There is indian blood in her.

Life has not been easy on her, but she is proud that  she has pulled through on her own.

Again, no model or reference of any kind was used.


Large image of the piece above, is available here.

I usually don’t paint sexy girls and guns (enough of that around allready), but this time, it seemed appropriate.

Sketch of the Day

This one is rather a painting sketch. No reference of any sort was used, as usual.

I made this,,,

Female Satyr

I’m pretty glad of this woman, because she a lot of originality.

The first contours appeared very intuitively. As my digital painting is mostly done with Opencanvas, I can post a video, of my workflow, if requested.

I think I’ll make a whole digital painting of this, as I like her so much.