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Something Relatively Old,,,

Now it’s time to post something important to me. I drew this during a class. I was 17 at the time. That was 13 years ago. Time really flyes!
I tapped in to my creative side in puberty.


Larger image of the piece available here.

I always had a thing for abstraction, and a lot of things going in my mind!

Kind of reminds me of Umberto Boccioni’s work. What do you think?

At the age of 17, I would have been SO insulted, if someone would have suggested to me, that my art is similar to something already done in the past! Now I think of it as a sort of a confirmation.

It’s not flawlessly drawn, but the dynamics worked well. In a way the fact, that it’s made on a  A4 photocopier paper, kinda makes  the content even more important…
The same year I sculpted a mini bust of the same style, unfortunately it was destroyed when falling off of a mantelpiece.

As an adult my work is not so formalistic (in other words, subject being just a vase, but presented in it’s abstract form), but consider both the idea and the presentation to be as important.

Now I have to continue on my sculpture, maby i’ll get stuff done before going to bed. I’ll post images of  my sculptures as well, later!