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Mood -the Hybrid Craft Artwork


Mixed Media Sculpture Albert Laine 2014

Mixed Media Sculpture
Albert Laine 2014

Mood” incorporates the knowledge of many different skills into a single artifact. It is a combination of traditional hand-crafts (sculpting, woodwork), digital 3D modeling and experimental electronics. The base of the sculpture was built from wood, and the characters were sculpted with a traditional build-up method, using polymer clay on top of a metal wire armature. Electronic devices such as FM radio and 1,8 inch screens were integrated, creating a functional whole where 3D printing and electronic media art complements each other. Additionally, software hacking had to be implemented in the form of injecting numerical values to software live memory area. Bringing all of the components together required diverse knowledge and skills, from aesthetic decision making to manual tool work and electronic skills.

The wrestler’s head-screens are playing the default run of the ID Software classic “Doom” -with the blood patch. The on-game audio is FM transmitted, thus enabling the use of a beefier sound system or FM headphones.

The aesthetic goal was to combine classical, idealized (Golden Section/Fibonacci) anatomic figurative sculpture and contemporary graffiti-influenced expressionistic visual language with the fast paced visual intensity of ID Software’s iconic game: “Doom”. The name “Mood” is derived by reversing the letters in “Doom”. The static, monochromatic sculptural shapes contrast with the moving, colorful CG graphics of the 90’s interactive entertainment media.

The 3D printed parts were modeled in Blender and printed with Ultimaker 2. The electronics were compiled from cheap off-the-shelf & e-waste devices.

The electronic parts used include:

SH86281AP/064PR (Logic IC)

AS6001SP8 (FM Modulator IC)

JBL Pro laptop speakers (built in to the base) for quiet surroundings

2x Howard Leight Bilsom Radio (EN352-1 certified) Multiple-Position Noise Blocking FM/AM ear muffs, for loud surroundings

The artwork is approximately 0.5m high, and requires 5V/2A electric power. Power adapters from 220V mains are included. A white hollow cubic pedestal should be incorporated in gallery floor installations, to elevate the artwork to a reasonable eyesight height and to hide the power cables.

Chicken On Steroids *edit: WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

I had this idea a few years back, when I heard that growth hormones are used in the U.S poultry industry.

When I saw the Finnish “From Bits to Atoms” call for entries, I decided to enter the competition with this entertaining “Professional Fitness” character.

The competition called digital artists to send their work to be machined / printed in physical format.

This statue called for classical influences, but with a contemporary popular culture twist.

I did most of the work in Sculptris. Text was made with Inkscape, and extruded to the 3rd dimension in Blender. Text was also combined with the posed character in Blender. Blender cycles is really awesome!

The statue was then prepared for 3D printing / CNC machining in Netfabb Studio Basic.

This chick is massive! Check out her delts and traps!

Another light & angle:

Great lats!


Today (19th of April 2012) was the day when the winners of “From Bits to Atoms” -rapid prototyping contest were revealed!

Below a (cellphone) pic of the Winner of the “creative, aesthetic & entertaining” -category, and the grumpy Runner-Up:


…And not in that specific order. The figurative sculpture is the Runner-Up, and the design vase won.

..Sorry about the coffee mug behind the winner, and the bad quality photo. I’ll take & post better ones later.

Industrial design was valued high by Jukka Tuomi, who picked the winners of both categories; the “creative, aesthetic & entertaining” -category & the “inventive, usability” -category.

I’m happy for the experience, and the ability to test the detail limits of the current 3D printing technology (I made this beast detailed enough to be printed in life-size!). Getting my sculpture Rapid Prototyped for free (a service worth 600-700 Euro) was nice too 😉 I do think the result looks great! People passing by seemed to like spending time gazing my sculpture as well.

I’ll exhibit my “Chicken On Steroids” sculpture in a gallery & art museum context later, so stay tuned!

Please feel free to comment!

I’m in Art Takes London.

Check out my (small, but dense) portfolio:

Voting Is Good!

Sharing Is Caring!

I’ll be at Berlin during June 2nd to 5th with our installation FocusPocus-videoparadox, so feel free to grab my sleeve and share thoughts!
EMERGEANDSEE Festival 2011


New artwork


Seek, and thou shall find...

Clicking the image brings a bit larger view of the piece.

Doing this, I ended up thinking about stereotypes, responsibility and social pressure, but it has elements and room for interpretation.
It took some 10 intense painting sessions to get it where it is.

It’s available in (insanely high resolution) physical format as well.

If you like it, feel free to share the link etc. I like to hear what people think, feel & see in this stuff.

I have projects where I’m using this piece, so stay tuned!

Digital Art painted with an iPhone

This was my first painting I did using a nice little app, iDoodle Lite. I spent a good couple of hours in to it.

Back then (spring 2010), there was an option to send it to Idoodles online Gallery, witch I did.

I named it “The Portable Knot”.

What do you see in it?

The developer of the app contacted me via email, and asked “how did you achieve that effect?”.

I explained my traditional technique;

-From dark to light, loose to tight, some elbow grease and intuition… That’s about it!

He also gave me the full version of the app. Thanks!

I made a new pic with it. I’ll upload the pic, and a video of the creative process later.

Just like openCanvas on PC,  iDoodle saves a “stroke-by-stroke animation” how the image was born.

Very cool. A fantastic way to document the creative process!

If you like it, please share & tweet etc!

A piece of stone

This was the first time I sculpted stone. I love when the shapes start to show me content. Then I just continue refining it.


The piece of stone (Russian marble)  is the same, its just missing material in certain places. In a way, I did not give the shape to it. I merely removed shapes from it. Consequently, the art is in the shape removed, leaving the stone in place. Say, a brick has little value, until labor refines it and brings in to context (a building or a sculpture).

Bringing the content out of the vague formal dynamics of the shape is a very calming process. It finds the meaning of something formerly undefined, and (in a way) gives elements to allow free interpretation. I think that art is something everyone has the right to understand from their own point of view. I love, when a piece of art speaks for itself, without the necessity of someone else’s interpretation.

What kind of emotions and  thoughts does it awaken in you?

A surreal sculpting doodle.

Sorry about the image quality.

This is an AD (Art Director) from hell. The money is there for size comparison, but in a way it serves the idea 😉

Yeah, I know. It’s not smooth and perfected, and our camera is outdated.

My wife doesn’t think it’s realistic. I think it’s the content, not the form. I mean, someone could have that kind of features and proportions, right?

Somehow this guy ended up looking  like a mix of John Lennon and Octave Parango (from 99 francs).

Anyway, I had to post something. I’m busy with a big project, and I can’t publish anything about it, yet!


This is a polymer clay sculpture that was born without a reference or a plan. I like to create straight on, usually without sketches. I like to experiment with different materials and styles. This cartoony style reminds me of the times studying animation in Turku Polytechnics Arts and Media Department.

It describes a person who stands on a pedestal and speaks loudly. It’s earhole is connected to the mouth, so it speaks what it is told to. It is a spokesman, a loudspeaker.

Click the image for a larger view.

More of My Work -WIP-

Last month I’ve been occupied with other things. Now I’ll keep you updated on my work more often.

This one has been a longer project, and will be painted, when finished. The abstraction will be colourful and dynamic. This is an older photo, and many parts are now better defined, and anatomical.


It’s a sculpture made with polymer clay maquette technique. Here’s a short explanation of the different phases involved:

1) I carved the base out of wood, and made an armature with 2mm metal wire (the propotions need to be spot on!).

2) The armature is attached to the base with a screw, and then the major volume is filled out with tinfoil,, really tight!

3) The tinfoil is secured by spinning around it with thin metal wire, and then the armature is roughened up with sandpaper.

4) Polymer clay is added, to create the surface. (I use a mixture of Super Sculpey and Premo).

This is the stage where all the magic happens (if it does!). The shapes start to flow, and as I sculpt I think a plethora of things. The weird thing is, that when I return to a part of the sculpture on another day, I return to the same thought I had, when I previously sculpted the same part / area. As the part gets an aesthetically pleasant solution, I somehow find a solution to the thought it represents.

5)  After detailing, the polymerclay surface is smoothened up with a brush dipped in turpentine or isopropyl alcohol. In the end further detailing is made, if needed.

6) On to the oven it goes!

7) Priming (I use acrylic), painting (acrylics again!) and sealing (polyurethane matte & glossy sealer).

8) Looking at it, and finding interesting stuff in the work!

Polymer clay is allmost as easy to work with as natural clay, but it has a health (and cleansiness) benefit, as it does not dust (watch those respiratory organs, if you want to make a long career!).

The end result in (especially with Premo) polymer clay is more durable than fired clay, as it does not crack as easy.

I’ll post more images when (hopefully sooner than later) the sculpture is finished.

Please, leave comments and questions!

A Sculpture

I promised to post some 3D work I do. It is carved from a block of Russian Marble. It’s my first stonework.

This is going to be a long post, so bare with me,,,

As usual, I didn’t have an idea or reference in the beginning. I just let the shape of the stone guide me. I’ll post the process with the steps, I have photographed.

The first thing I found, was the lips, and after that, I found the dynamics for the head.


I work with Tungsten-Carbide chisel, and a hammer, and a multitool (with Aluminium Oxide and Diamond burrs).

Then I found, that there’s a body for the head in the block aswell ! So little by little,,,


I worked my way closer to the surface, just to find the right feel for every shape. Therefore, If I worked on another part, I usually had to work  a bit everywhere, to get the interaction of the shapes feel right.


Another view:


An another:


Yet another viewpoint:


I do enjoy sculpting, and it seem’s to work out well (I did cheat a little, by reading about the teqniques to sculpt stone from the internet!).

Tell me what it makes you feel, and if you have seen similar work done by others. I love to learn from the past, as it shows direction to the future.