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A pice I made.


Full resolution image here.

This one is probably first of it’s kind. The thing that separates it from other pieces I’ve made, is the technique and the story that goes behind it. It’s art made with frenzy, coincidence, and intuition.

The background:

My friend Milla Nybondas needed technical aid in my old school. She went there to get the animation shortfilms she made, while studying there. The sequences in Avid Mediacomposer were gone (media offline), so I had to capture the films from Digibeta Master tapes she had. In addition she printed out the covers for her films. The displays in our computer rooms aren’t calibrated, so it was “eyeballing-color correcting-trial-and-error” for us (phew!). Now on to the piece I made that day;

Sometimes the paper gets stuck inside the laser printer (how annoying is that…), and it needs to be removed manually. The printer in our school is not a desktop model, so it had levers and doors to open. When I first saw inside a colour laser printer I went WOW! The colours,, the graduations! In case you aren’t aware. the laser printer works with colour powder (CMYK toners), that gets ┬ámessed up on the insides as well (with surprising and colourful effects). So when do we get to the juicy part? Keep reading,,,

When Milla took the first stuck page away from the printer, I noticed, that the toner wasn’t attached to the paper, you could literally shake off most of the image! The second stuck paper made a feeling, that I could use the loose toner somehow. I took a paper from the bin (with no print in it) on to the floor, and took Milla’s prints (where the toner wasn’t attached), turned it around and started tracing. I selected certain parts from the “loose toner-print”, and started to create my composition on white. It wasn’t out of the ordinary, that someone is creating frantically on the floor of the hall, in our school.

I made two pictures (shown above together), that I was happy with. There still was one problem; The toner wasn’t attached to the paper! So I went to our classroom, and found spray sealer, Tadaa! This is where everything fell to it’s place (literally). As I sprayed my fresh creations, I noticed that the sealer was apparently somehow attracted mostly to parts, where the toner was. Then it struck me: The laser printer works by making a static charge (to the image cylinder), and then the toner ┬áhas an electrostatically negative charge. The very same electrostatic charge was attracting the sealer spray as well!!!

On a closer inspection (sorry for the exposure), one might not be able to determine the technique used.

It gives the piece a nice texture.